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NapTV: Where the Hell Was This in Kindergarten?

Illustration for article titled NapTV: Where the Hell Was This in Kindergarten?

When I was in kindergarten I had a beach blanket, a cot and a bitch named Rose that would circle around us slapping a meter stick in her hand. Where was my NapTV chair with a built-in television? Perhaps my experience wouldn't have been nearly as scarring had I been able to watch TV while lying on my back instead of listening to the Sound of Music album on a continuous loop. I blame that class for everything that is wrong with me today. Too bad the NapTV is only a concept. [Coroflot via BornRich via Uberreview]


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Creole Trash Panda

@grpaul349: #

Oh not to be mistaken... she gets the "latest episode of "STFU before I whack you" ". But I dont want my kid to endure what I did. Video is a last resort. I DO NOT BELIVE in kid negotiating....thats for rookies and dumb get those privilages at about ohhh 20 or so..LOL MY daughter actully listens very well, she just needs attention like any other kid. Its my job to LEARN what motivates my kids and what they enjoy. SHE LOVES Callio... so to award her with GOOD behavior or just to get her to chill for a minute while i clean or whatever it works, But most kids needs some sort of stimulus and or activity that INTERESTS them not numbs them. I belive its a novel concept called SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR KIDS... when you have one you will see....


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