National Geographic Today: Gander at Gorgeous Photos From Across the Globe

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A big part of what makes National Geographic such a fantastic publication is its images. Its new iPad app, National Geographic Today, ensures that you'll never miss any of the photos of alluring places around the planet, giving a curated look at highlights from its website all in a neat little package.

What does it do?

You can peruse through highlights from today, as well as the last seven days. Organized in a very user-friendly way, National Geographic Today gives you the best images, videos, and articles on its site each week.


Why do we like it?

This app is a perfect marriage with the new iPad's retina display. You can see images of a Bengal Tiger lazing with its cubs, so sharp you can almost count each individual hair on its back. Or, view a video of pretty pastel jellyfish swimming gracefully through the sea. You could also discover where to voyage for the world's most delicious chocolate in a travel piece. With the best articles, videos, and images from the week, National Geographic Today takes you on a lovely, enjoyable trip around the world, all from your tablet.


National Geographic Today

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Gorgeous images, videos

The Worst

No teleportation capabilities