Illustration for article titled Naughty Chatroulette Users Get Redirected To Hustler Now

The folks at Chatroulette found a very clever solution for their money shortage and penis overload problems. They're now earning money by forwarding all their penises to Hustler's website:

[Chatroulette] started redirecting pantless visitors to Hustler's Web site, and their computers would forever be blocked from Chatroulette. At first, [they] were banning a hundred thousand users a day, but now, he says, the flasher rate is down to one in two hundred-and Hustler pays for the referrals, giving [Chatroulette], at least for the time being, a healthy revenue stream.


Not only is this idea great for Chatroulette, but it's rather handy if you ever find yourself in need of porn and unable to remember a single dirty link. [New Yorker via Business Insider]

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