NBC Jumps Ship to Amazon Unbox

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After the he said/she said BS between Apple and NBC over the last few days, we're kind of glad to see some kind of resolution: NBC's taking its business to Amazon Unbox, which will give NBC "greater flexibility in the pricing and packaging of video downloads." For the time being though, shows still seem to fetch $1.99 on Unbox. But there are a couple of other interesting tidbits in the Times article worth noting.


The piece alludes to "grumbling about Apple's prices" by Hulu's other daddy, News Corp., lending more weight to the possibility of a larger revolt against Apple sparked by the NBC walkout/booting. If News Corp. followed them to Unbox (its iTunes contract is also supposedly coming due), the video download market would become much more interesting. Unbox would gain some needed content firepower and the networks would be working with a distributor more beholden to them—and one with a direct line to millions of TiVos.

This party's so just getting started. [NYT, HuffPo via Tubewad]



@bigMoneyMIKE: Gee, it seems lead paint is breakfast of champions these days. Are you seriously going to use Greenpeace's findings as ammunition? Sweet fancy Jesus.

To all you people out there in Gizmodo land that think NBC's departure. I hope you all like bundled videos, ad-laden content and higher per-view prices. These are the things that Apple refused to go along with, and the reason why NBC left in the first place. The iTunes deal wasn't exclusive, and NBC can make their content available wherever they wish. They just don't like someone else refusing to sell it for more.