Neil Gaiman is writing a Doctor Who ebook—and you can read an excerpt

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Neil Gaiman is writing one more adventure for the Eleventh Doctor, this time in ebook form. His ebook story Doctor Who: Nothing O'Clock will follow the Doctor and Amy Pond to the year 1984, when they'll face a newly created monster.

The Guardian has a two-page excerpt of the story, which comes out on November 21st. Here's the opening paragraph:

The Time Lords built a Prison. They built it in a time and place that are both unimaginable to any entity who has never left the solar system in which it was spawned, or who has only experienced the journey through time, second by second, and that only going forward. It was built just for the Kin. It was impregnable: a complex of small rooms (for they were not monsters, the Time Lords – they could be merciful, when it suited them), out of temporal phase with the rest of the Universe.


Gaiman explains that the book is set during the Eleventh's Doctor's first season, and that it takes place during the present day, in 1984, and during a far more ancient time. It also provided his first opportunity to create his own Doctor Who monster, the Kin, whom he hopes will prove spooky to readers.

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