Nemo Gould's Bogeyman and Praying Mantis Could Easily Be Dr. Who Villains

Illustration for article titled Nemo Goulds Bogeyman and Praying Mantis Could Easily Be iDr. Who/i Villains

I love Daleks and Cybermen because they're illogically terrifying: The clumsier the tech, the scarier they get. Nemo Gould's found-material sculptures unlock the same secret brain code, being cartoony and scary at the same time.


Check out the videos—they're practically immobile, but remain menacing.

If you want to build a Mantis of your own (like you ever could!), you can read how Nemo did it on Instructables. [Nemomatic via BoingBoing]

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Is that really all it does? I want to see it eat it's mate. Seriously, I want this for my front porch light, I'd like to see how brave the moths around here are with this light!!!