Neon Indian: Fallout (Featuring Batshit-Crazy Animation From Adult Swim)

One of the perks of making dreamy, hazy music is that it lends itself to wacky music videos. The Adult Swim-produced video for Neon Indian's oozy synth track "Fallout" is a gorgeous, nearly-NSFW mashup of 80's car cartoons and boobs.

I absolutely love Neon Indian's newest record Era Extraña, and it's pretty awesome that Adult Swim tapped Lilfuchs to direct this bizarre video for one of the record's best tracks. (If you don't know, Lilfuchs is also responsible for the equally-crazy video for Flying Lotus', "Zodiac Shit.") At one point during the "Fallout" video, a car cruising down the road explodes into pieces revealing the big-breasted driver. She pulls down her low-cut dress revealing huge bosoms that shoot out baby blue hearts. Wait, what?

Don't worry, it doesn't make sense to me either, but somehow, it perfectly captures the song's epic, directionless tone. "Fallout" rides on a simple drum-machine beat and rhythmic synthesizer oscillations, which seem to be building towards something, but never really get anywhere. The video eventually degenerates into a psychedelic scramble of sex images and ends without resolution—or "release." Indeed, both the song and the video, like good dreams, fade away too soon. [iTunes, Amazon, Spotify]


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