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Nerf's Finally Made the Action Cam Removable on its Hit-Recording Blaster

Illustration for article titled Nerfs Finally Made the Action Cam Removable on its Hit-Recording Blaster

Back in early 2014, Nerf introduced its first blaster with an integrated video camera—the N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12 Blaster—for recording your attacks on unsuspecting victims. Two years later we now have a follow-up with the N-Strike Modulus Battlescout ICS-10 that finally makes the camera removable.


If your kid has been begging for a GoPro, but you’ve been hesitant to shell out $500 for a camera that will undoubtedly encourage reckless stunts, maybe the $70 Modulus Battlescout ICS-10, available this fall, might be a better option. Not only does the blaster’s camera see a bump to 720P HD resolutions, it’s also finally removable so it doesn’t have to exclusively be used with the Modulus. You’ll just need to have a healthy stock of batteries on hand because the action cam relies on four AAAs instead of a rechargeable one of its own.

And unlike the original N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12 Blaster, the N-Strike Modulus Battlescout ICS-10 isn’t dependent on batteries. It’s a classic manually-primed ‘springer’ blaster that features an integrated 10-shot clip so your video recordings aren’t drowned out by the sound of a spinning fly wheel whirring away inside.


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Who buys Nerf guns? And I am serious, is it really big in the US? I see them sometimes for sale in Canada, but I cannot remember anyone, child or adult wielding one. I remember them a lot as a kid, though I might have played with it for a solid month before getting bored (much like Supersoakers).