Nest Cam Catches Dog Starting a House Fire By Stealing a Pancake

The first thing to know about dogs is that they’re perfect and beautiful and all of them, all of them, are going to Heaven. The second thing to know is they occasionally start house fires.

Home security footage uploaded to Facebook last week shows a flapjack-loving pup in Massachusetts nearly setting his owners’ house alight. While grabbing leftover pancakes on the kitchen stove, the dog accidentally hit the ignition, turning the burner to maximum and starting a small fire. Oops. The owners shared Nest cam footage of the dog and his innocent buddy, who was also caught up in the chaos.

Luckily, the owners had a networked monitoring system. When the smoke detector when off, it alerted the local police and fire departments, and an officer came to the house and turned off the burners. The Southwick Fire Department posted the footage online, advising pet owners get stove covers to prevent accidents. The simple golden puppers, of course, remain blameless and perfect in all this.


[Bay News 9]

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