Netbook Debate Heats Up As Google Bans Term From Ad Network

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Netbook creator Psion won another battle in its war against casual use of the term "netbook" this week as Google banned the term from its lucrative ad network. Seriously now, what should we call them?


JK on the Run was in touch with Psion recently, and let it be known that Google had completed an investigation into the trademark claim. The result is Google officially recognizes the fact that "netbook" is a protected trademark.


"Google does these investigations as they are impacted when they run ads on their network. The determination by Google that the term "netbook" is duly registered and protected has prompted them to inform their ad customers that the term can no longer be used in Google ads," wrote JK's James Kendrick.

No Google support = Game Set Match? [JK On the Run via Boing Boing]

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Just call it tiny fucking laptop, or TFL.

"Hey, I want to buy one of those TFL's"

After a while, it won't matter what the F is for, just like people don't care what VCR or DVD stand for, it's just the three letters that stand for the product.