Netflix Fires Shots Across Traditional TV's Bow by Signing Deals with CBS, Disney

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Netflix has just inked deals with CBS and Disney to start adding shows to its streaming service the day after they air. The shows will include crime dramas your parents like such as CSI and NCIS as well as shows your younger cousins like such as Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. But more exciting than the specific shows is the precedent this sets: yet another reason to cancel cable. If Netflix keeps this up and adds more shows that will be available the day after they air, there will be even fewer reasons to keep paying ungodly sums of money to Comcast or Time Warner for cable TV. Instead, you'll be able to fire up your Roku or Xbox 360 to watch whatever shows you want. What you're looking at is the future of television, my friends: delivered on demand over the internet to a number of different devices. These are just the clunky first steps, but its inevitable, and it's awesome. Keep it up, Netflix. We're rooting for you. [WSJ via All Things D]