Netflix Is Finally Bringing the New Danger Mouse to the US

Though the rebooted series has been airing for a while in the UK, there’s been no way for American fans of the spy-fi classic to catch up on Danger Mouse’ greatest, most fantastic adventures—until now.


Netflix released a new “trailer” for the show, which is essentially just the series’ opening titles, to advertise that the full run of 26 episodes is coming to the streaming service this Friday, April 29th. If you want to see more from the new series, which has already aired its entire first season in the UK on Children’s BBC, you can check out a clip below, featuring Danger Mouse (voiced by British comedian and actor Alexander Armstrong) facing off against his American rival, Jeopardy Mouse—voiced by Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey.

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Okay, but if anyone but David Jason so much as lays a finger on Duckula, you best be prepared to pull back a bloody stump.