Netflix Movie Streaming Coming to Xbox 360 and PS3?

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Although surveys can pretty much ask anything (would you like to see George Wendt eating beans in a movie?), this survey from Netflix that asks whether you'd like to stream Netflix movies to your Xbox 360 seems pretty plausible to us. Here's why.

First, you have the MyNetflix plugin for Windows Vista Media Center PCs that turns the Media Center into a streaming frontend for the Netflix Watch Now interface. The developer of this app says that Media Center Extenders don't work "yet", which might mean that it's an issue with codec support (Netflix doesn't stream in the right video codec). They might even be able to fix this with a little bit of real-time video transcoding on your PC.


But what would you say if you could stream Netflix's Watch Now movies directly to your 360 at no additional charge? Would you be happy, or really happy? [Thanks Andy!]

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@Johnny Chimpo: Thats correct, but not correct. MS does want the profit, but I'll bet they'd be willing to take that hit in return for the boost in sales and marketing (along with a cut from netflix for every streamed movie, OC).

They stand to gain a lot more than they stand to lose. They can always charge in the future, once everyone's locked in :)