Netflix Movie Streaming on Xbox 360 Actually Coming Soon?

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The rumor about Netflix surveying the scene, prepping a possible streaming movie solution to Xbox 360 and PS3 seems to be on the verge of coming true, according to Netflix themselves. They just released a statement that says they've surveyed subscribers to see how interested they were in streaming movies over Xbox 360 (PS3 was not mentioned), but didn't say whether a partnership was coming between them and Microsoft.

Releasing a statement about a survey? Sounds like someone's trying to jockey a better negotiating position while talks are still underway. On a similar note, Netflix's online site seems to have been down for most of Monday, which makes the case for streaming media even stronger. [Reuters - Thanks David!]

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Broken Machine

@mikestan86: Will not happen. It's already been said (though falsely) that Media Center is not an add-on, but a central piece of the whole OS (I remember the same argument for IE back in the day). This was in response to a question about the offering of Media Center as an application to XP, one of their properties, so I doubt you will see it for Mac. Media Connect for XP allows basic media sharing, just not the good stuff like streaming movies, you know, what you would want it for.

I could imagine software for the mac to emulate a Media Extender though!