Netflix Now Officially Trying to Influence the Election

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From the bright minds that (briefly) brought you Qwikster comes FLIXPAC, Netflix's very own political action committee. What's this mean? Netflix starts handing out cash to candidates.

In what is sure to be a Gritty, Upbeat, Cerebral, Political Thriller of a PAC, Politico reports the fund will be able to sling $5,000 to any federal candidate before every election, as well as $15,000 per year for party committees. Add that up, and you start to get a lot of money flying around Capital Hill—though Ars points out Netflix already spent half a million bucks on lobbying last year, so it's no stranger to the influence game.


So, why would a streaming and rental movie company want to peddle cash for favor in Washington? The same reason anyone does—it wants laws done the way it wants. Say, the law in place that requires a company to get your permission before it discloses videos you've seen. Netflix doesn't like that one. Ars also rightly points out that Netflix will probably use this cash to cheerlead net neutrality, which is actually some ear-poisoning we can get behind. Luckily for us, Joe and Josephine Q. Citizen, PACs are required to disclose how much they spend (and where), so we'll be able to see who Netflix is cuddling up with.

Check out FLIXPAC's official FEC filing below. [Politico via Ars Technica via Verge]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Why can't we just make lobbying illegal for a change. Politicians should not be allowed to receive money from corporations to sway their votes. In every other context, this is called bribery but in politics I guess it's lobbying.