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Netflix's Shipping Systems Have Been FUBARed Since Tuesday

Illustration for article titled Netflixs Shipping Systems Have Been FUBARed Since Tuesday

CNBC reports that Netflix' shipping systems have been at least partially broken since Tuesday. They managed to ship nothing on Tuesday, half of what they were supposed to on Wednesday, and nothing today. What's the deal? Apparently the outage affects 1/3 of their customers, to whom Netflix is trying to figure out the best way to refund some cash. They're still not sure what the root of the problems are, so in essence, they have no idea how to fix it. Be prepared for a few more days of outages, unless it turns out that it's a super easy fix that's much harder to diagnose than to repair. Your Bernie Mac marathon will have to wait. :( [CNBC via Valleywag - Image Credit]


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HEY! I think i might have a clue what the problem is.

I almost forgot about this.

In my previous batch of dvds, they double-sent me one of the discs. I got two copies of disc 3 of The Tudors, season 1.

This has never actually occurred previously for me. I've been a netflix member for about 3 years now. It's possible that a glitch in their shipping system is double sending dvds, without making a record of such. Obviously, this could be problematic... reducing immediate stock, and losing dvds to unsavory customers who just keep their extra discs.

Anyone else have this problem only recently? Or ever, for that matter? I suppose it could just be an untimely coincidence, but i'm loath to assume coincidence. It's much more fun to assume connection and causality.