Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine: Even Tattoos Are Going Hybrid

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We don't write about many tattoo machines here on Giz, preferring to keep our gelatinous arms free from skin-breaching contraptions. But the Neuma Hybrid has an interesting pitch.

The original Neuma was the world's first air-driven tattoo machine. Its design somehow promised a less painful tattoo (we're confused as to how since the needle is still a needle) and it was crafted from solid aluminum for easy medical-grade sterilization. The new Neuma Hybrid is lighter—a mere 3.7 ounces—and it operates both under air pressure and electricity...which is somewhat/almost/kinda/not really at all like your Prius.

On the spec sheet, it all sounds great. But do we have any tattoo artists in the audience who might care to elaborate? [RKS via Yanko Design]