NeuroSky Gamer Headset Reads Brain Waves

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A US company has come up with a headset that reads your brainwaves—and they plan on marketing it to gamers. NeuroSky's prototype measures a person's baseline brain-wave activity, including signals that relate to concentration, relaxation and anxiety. So, if you're playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour and you lose concentration, you could find your shot buried in the rough if you fail to keep your Zen-like concentration.


The company has already developed a version based on Star Wars. Don the Darth Vader helmet, which contains a sensor that reads the brain's signals and, if you concentrate, your lightsaber remains illuminated. Start thinking about your girlfriend dressed as Princess Leia, with Danish Pastries over her—oops—and you lose the Force, Luke. The headset is expected to go into production later this year and could cost as little as $20.

[Yahoo via The Raw Feed]


this is really cool... my mom does biofeedback at her job @ the hospital, and actually has games similar in concept to these... except instead of the cool-ish headset, you get to wear sticky gel-coated electrodes on your noggin.

Of course, it's basically a one-dimensional control, you either are concentrating or you're not. As I remember, it can analyze the brain waves to see if they're calm or frazzled, but it doesn't necessarily provide much detail on what you could be thinking about. This would make a really cool supplement to existing games... maybe it will be a plugin for the 360 :D