New Airbender Trailers Now With More Bending, Humor And Appa-Riding!

A handful of new Airbender trailers have been released this weekend stuffed with new footage. Check out the furious water- and fire-bending battles, new sets and the first ever footage of the great white sky bison in flight.

The top trailer is from Japan, and has the most new footage, including the group of kids riding on Appa. If you want to see additional images from M. Night Shyamalan's live translation of the cartoon bison who flies around in the air, check out Appa's movie toy. We liked it, although some of you claimed he had a creepy human-face.


Also in this new trailer are the Earth Nation's training session and gorgeous shots of the Northern Water Tribe sets. Check out this gallery we compiled of all the new scenes.

Next up is a TV spot that was shown during Nickelodeon's Teen Choice awards. First is the trailer, and next is a little sketch with the actors playing Sokka and Katara promoting the award show. These are clearly not the sort of jokes they'll be doing in the film, but it is the first time we've seen them talking together. So we thought we'd put it up anyway, to demonstrate their chemistry, which is incredibly important with these brother-and-sister characters. Not the funniest thing in the world, but keeps me hopeful for the humor that should be in Airbender.



Am I the only one who could honestly care less about all this goofy racial casting business as long as they just get Azula right in the next film?