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New App Puts Old iOS Google Maps Back on Your iPhone—Sort Of

Illustration for article titled New App Puts Old iOS Google Maps Back on Your iPhone—Sort Of

There's a new app out called ClassicMap that offers a half decent fix for anyone who's looking for an alternative to Apple's maligned Maps app, but really just wants things back the way they were.


ClassicMap is built as basically the exact same app as Apple's new Maps, but you can switch over to a Classic mode, which pulls in Google Maps information, and overlays it on tiles that look like the old iOS 5 maps. But there's a catch. A few of them, actually.

First, the tiles are sloooow. Searching for things by name seems out of whack, too. And the big killer is that it doesn't do directions. On the bright side, addresses seem a lot more accurate, and the compass is actually more accurate (a small but important detail).


The app isn't perfect, obviously, and most of you will probably want to wait for it to pick up some kind of directions utility, but it's up on GitHub to be tinkered with now. [iTunes via CultofMac]

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Am I the only one who doesn't have any issues with my iPhone 5 and/or IOS6? I don't have scratching or scuffing. There's no light leaks. The camera doesn't have a purple flare. I'm getting much better battery life than my 4S. The maps have worked 100% perfectly for me in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, England, the Netherlands and Norway. I didn't have Wifi connection issues. My LTE speed is 18Mb down and 7Mb up.

Is it just me? Did I get the one phone that works?