New Backlit Keyboard Case Brings a Rainbow Rave to Your iPad

If you wish your iPad had a keyboard and frequent dark rooms, ZAGG has a case that might be up your alley. Its new iPad keyboard is not only backlit, but also changes colors. Take that, Surface.

The new ZAGGkeys come in two flavors, PRO and PRO plus. Both attach magnetically to your iPad, use Bluetooth, and have keys specifically designed for iOS functions like Home and volume control. The PRO Plus model is the one that brings backlighting to the table, with the option of 8 different colors.


Naturally, the backlighting is going to impact your battery time. The PRO Plus model can go for a few weeks on a single charge if you're using the backlight constantly while the unlit version boasts four to six months. Still, a few weeks isn't bad, and if you're into working in the dark, backlighting is totally worth a bi-weekly charging ritual. Both models are due to drop towards the end of September. The PRO will cost you $99 and the PRO Plus will be $129. [Gizmag]

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