Illustration for article titled New Dell 24-Inch LCD Monitors: The Ultrasharp U2410 and ST2410

Dell released two new 24" monitors today, the Ultrasharp U2410 and ST2410. The U2410's IPS (in plane switching) panel gives it a broader color range and better viewing angle over traditional TN panels, but also ups the cost.

Dell claims the display covers 100 percent of the SRGB color space and 96 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum. The ST2410 uses the same old TN panels that have been around forever now, and trades some of the U2410's color accuracy for affordability.


Considering it's an IPS panel, the U2410's cost isn't outrageous, but it's still up there. I just hope these things drop in price soon. My 17" monitor circa 2003 is begging for an upgrade, and as much as I don't need it, I would love an IPS panel. The U2410 goes for $599, and the STN2410 runs $259. Both are up for grabs today. (The ST is pictured.) [Dell via Electronista]

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