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New Detailed Reconstruction of Titanic's Sinking Narrated By James Cameron

This video is great: witness a new detailed reconstruction of Titanic sinking narrated by none other than James Cameron, filmmaker, adventurer and overall cool dude. It's really detailed and fascinating.


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Organized Chaos

It's pretty much the same as every other reconstruction I've seen. The details he's added, such as the "hydraulic outburst and the downblast effect," are nothing more than speculation. Unless, of course, he just happened to be watching from the ocean floor the night it sunk. In my opinion, it's a shame to see most of the credit today being given to Cameron when countless teams of experts have visited the site and studied the Titanic to give us the collection of information we have to this point. In the beginning of this video, he mentions 15 years...I assume he's referring to his own movie and that's the biggest problem I have with all the James Cameron hubbub. It's the 100th anniversary of Titanic sinking, a major historical event that still captivates people 100 years later. But he's making it all about himself & his shitty movie.