New Details On Jeff Bridges And Bruce Boxleitner In Tron Legacy, Plus Spider-Man Reboot Hints

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Tron Legacy fleshes out some plot details, and unveils a poster. Meanwhile, just how Ultimate will the new Spider-Man movie be? A ton of Fringe questions are answered. Plus Caprica, Star Wars, Justice League videos, and Lost and Supernatural shockers.

Tron Legacy:

The film takes the first movie as historical fact, and picks up the events of the story years later. Kevin Flynn became CEO of ENCOM and released the Tron video game based on his experiences in the machine world. And by 1989, ENCOM is the most cutting-edge, forward-looking tech company out there. Kevin's son Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) searches for his missing father and visits locations from his dad's past, including Flynn's arcade. Bridges plays Flynn, but also Clu-2, a more advanced version of Flynn's avatar that really thinks like Flynn. And Bruce Boxleitner is integral to the film, not just a cameo or stunt casting. MTV also debuted a new "yellow lightcycle" poster. Bigger version at the link. [MTV]



More reports that the Marc Webb-helmed reboot will take its inspiration from Brian Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and will focus more on high-school angst than on fighting supervillains. And apparently, it'll be a much cheaper film, in the $80 million range, and may actually star comparative unknowns. [THR]


John Carter Of Mars:

Call this an incredibly minor spoiler, but this movie is preparing to film in Moab, Utah, and one of the types of workers they're seeking is construction workers. Which implies huge structures are going to be built in Utah, not just created via CG afterwards. [Grand Junction Daily Sentinel]



Now this is interesting... Daniel Dae Kim says Jin and Sun may never be reunited at all. At least, that could be true for the on-Island versions of Jin and Sun, who were last seen in 1977 and 2007 respectively. (Of course, Jin doesn't know what the writers have in mind, just what's happened in the episodes he's already filmed.) Meanwhile, of course, in the timeline where Oceanic flight 815 lands safely in L.A., Jin and Sun are together, although they're not happily married, and they're pursued by Paek's goons — who are apparently Keamy and Omar in this timeline. [TV Overmind]


Also, Fisher Stevens will return as the late George Minkowski. [EW]

Can you guess the nature of the medical emergency in episode 6x13? Here's a new casting call:

[EMT] Male, any ethnicity, late 20s - 40s. Smart, clean-cut and skillful EMT who cares about his patients and likes helping people...CO-STAR.
[SURGEON] Male or female, any ethnicity, late 20s - early 30s. Capable, compassionate and level-headed surgeon who finds himself a bit over his head during an emergency. Not afraid of calling in a more experienced surgeon to help...CO-STAR



Samm Levine twittered that he'll be appearing on this show — speculation is it's in 6x12, the apparently Hurley-centric episode. [SpoilersLost]



The Feb. 4 episode, "Jacksonville," is the last new episode until April. And it ends with a huge cliffhanger. The team heads down to Florida to investigate a case that keeps getting freakier, and more life-altering for the good guys, as it goes along. Something bad happens, and it's clear more badness is on the way, but the only way to tell when and where is by triggering Olivia's ability to see things from the "other side."


It turns out that Walter's experiments on Olivia as a child left her with the ability to spot intruders from the other universe — and kickstarting this superpower stirs up some long-buried feelings in Olivia, who still doesn't know what Walter did to her back then. When she was a little girl, Olivia shut down her ability to see people from the "other realm" after she freaked out and turned "emotionally pyrokinetic," torching a room as we've already seen.

Once Olivia's powers are working, she's able to see that Peter doesn't fit, and there's a sort of "glimmer" around him. Olivia demands answers from Walter — and all of you who guessed that Walter's decision to steal alt-Peter from the other universe is at the root of the war between universes, gold stars all round. "One could think that Peter's arrival over here initiated these bad feelings and the state of what is going on over there," says executive producer Joel Wyman. All will be explained when the show comes back in April. [TV Guide Magazine via Fringe Spoilers]


And here are some promo pics from the episode. [SpoilerTV]


A "somewhat pivotal" character will die soon. I'm guessing Zachariah, Anna, or mullet boy. [EW]


When Anna travels back in time to the 1970s to kill the Winchester boys' parents, John and Mary, she's aiming to prevent both Sam and Dean from being born, not just Sam. It's heartbreaking for Sam to see his mother, since he was just a baby when she died — when he first meets her, he can't even speak. Mary, meanwhile, has tried to leave behind her old life as a hunter, but she realizes over the course of the episode that she can never escape from it. Also, in the Valentine's Day episode, the brothers investigate a rash of murder-suicides among couples who were madly in love, and they suspect the entity that caused the couples to fall in love originally may be involved — a Cupid. So they capture the Cupid and try to interrogate it, but it's way too affectionate. Also, the Apocalypse marches on, including the Four Horsemen — we'll meet Famine and learn what Death has been up to since Lucifer raised him. Other events from the Book of Revelations will happen, like the dead rising — and these zombies will be so reasonable and harmless, Sam and Dean will wonder if it's worth trying to destroy them. Also, the search for God will soon yield a solid lead, we'll see Castiel get drunk, and we'll meet Michael. [TV Guide Magazine]


Here's the fancy new trailer that was shown to the Television Critics Association tour the other day, plus a couple new TV spots. [Syfy]

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Episode 3x08, the first one after the Olympics, will be all about Sarah. [EW]

True Blood:

It'll take three villains to replace last season's Maryann: Franklin Mott, Russell Edgington and Debbie Pelt. As for Debbie, the number of episodes featuring Alcide's psycho ex have been bumped up, so she'll be more of a regular presence next season. Meanwhile, Eric will be trying to figure out what's so special about Sookie and why he's so into her, but meanwhile he'll have vengeance on his mind — he's looking to avenge something that happened a thousand years ago. [EW]


Sam Trammell says he'll be involved in something "shocking" in the first season. And he describes Sam's family: "They're very country. They're very eccentric. They're very dysfunctional. They have some weird stuff going on that you find out as the season goes on." And he says he'll be away from Merlotte's for a while. []


In the same episode where Annette O'Toole returns as Martha Kent, her real-life husband Michael McKean will come back as Perry White, and we'll get to see the first meeting between Perry White and Lois Lane. [EW]


Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here's a new clip and a new pic from "Lightsaber Lost," Friday's all-new episode in which a pickpocket steals Ahsoka's lightsaber, and she has to venture into the underbelly of Coruscant with a wily old Jedi to get it back.


Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths:

Here's a new clip from this direct-to-DVD movie, featuring a smackdown between the Justice League and its evil counterpart. [Warner Bros.]



Here's the synopsis for the season finale — and possibly series finale considering the most recent episode got fewer than 4 million viewers:

Everyone bands together to try to stop Samuel from taking the lives of thousands; Peter teams with an unexpected ally to save Emma; H.R.G.'s life hangs in the balance; Hiro comes to grips with decisions he has made.



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