Sharper Image, the company made famous for selling everyone else's iPod-ready crap, is joining the fray themselves. They have released a plethora of iPod-ready speaker systems ready to suck up your dollars, and have discounted some of their other models. There are so many I am even going to do a bulleted list—a list I tell you! Here she comes...

• iBeam Stereo with AM/FM & Universal Dock for iPod
• Dual CD Stereo with universal Dock for iPod (pictured)
• Metro Stereo/Tuner for CD, iPod & MP3
• Bedside Phone Center with Universal Dock for iPod
• Solo CD, iPod & MP3 Stereo
• Big Screen Clock/Radio with Sound Soother 20 and Stereo ZipConnect for iPod and MP3
• AudioClear CD Stereo with Universal Dock for iPod


Wow, Sharper Image. You guys really go balls to the wall with this iPod speaker dock craziness.

Sharper Image offers new iPod-ready speaker systems [iLounge]