Sharper Image, the company made famous for selling everyone else's iPod-ready crap, is joining the fray themselves. They have released a plethora of iPod-ready speaker systems ready to suck up your dollars, and have discounted some of their other models. There are so many I am even going to do a bulleted list—a list I tell you! Here she comes...

iBeam Stereo with AM/FM & Universal Dock for iPod
Dual CD Stereo with universal Dock for iPod (pictured)
Metro Stereo/Tuner for CD, iPod & MP3
Bedside Phone Center with Universal Dock for iPod
Solo CD, iPod & MP3 Stereo
Big Screen Clock/Radio with Sound Soother 20 and Stereo ZipConnect for iPod and MP3
AudioClear CD Stereo with Universal Dock for iPod


Wow, Sharper Image. You guys really go balls to the wall with this iPod speaker dock craziness.

Sharper Image offers new iPod-ready speaker systems [iLounge]