New Disney+ Documentary Series Goes Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Rides

Popular Disney ride Star Tours comes alive in concept art; it'll be one of the attractions spotlighted in a new Disney+ series on the company's most popular rides and attractions.
Star Tours is one of the subjects of a new Disney+ documentary series.
Image: Disney+

The Walt Disney Company is famously secretive about the creation of many of its most popular rides, but if anyone can get to the bottom of it, it’s the Rock. Dwayne Johnson’s production company, Seven Bucks, is teaming up with Disney for a new documentary series called Behind the Attraction, which hits Disney+ on July 16. The 10-part series will drop all its episodes at once and feature exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes access that will illuminate some of the most famous rides and attractions in Disney history.


The 10 episodes are on Jungle Cruise (obviously, since Johnson produced and has the movie coming out), Haunted Mansion, Star Tours (which will include Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge), The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (the episode will delve into its transformation into a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed ride), the Castles, Disneyland Hotel, Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, the Hall of Presidents, and Trains, Trams, and Monorails.

Brian Volk-Weiss (The Toys That Made Us) directed the episodes and Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) narrates. And, if you love this kind of behind the scenes Disney stuff, while you wait for this show, go check out The Imagineering Story on Disney+. It tackles many of these rides as stops along the way to tell the story of the people behind Disney’s theme park innovations.

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There is already a great series on YouTube that is similar to this called Defunctland. It’s mainly about attractions that have closed, but there are some episodes on Space Mountain and stuff.