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New Elevators Installed In Japan Can Take 80 People Sky-High

Illustration for article titled New Elevators Installed In Japan Can Take 80 People Sky-High

It could be the world's largest elevator. Measuring about the size of my living room, an office in Osaka, Japan, has installed five of Mitsubishi Electric's largest elevators—capable of squeezing in 80 people each.


It measures 3.4m wide, 2.8m long and 2.6m high, and can take 5,250kg of weight—an average of 65kgs per person. If all five elevators were in operation at once, with full capacity, they could carry 400 people up the 41 floors of the Umeda Hankyu Building.

I don't wish to be gruesome, but I sure do hope Mitsubishi has adequately secured the suspension of those lifts. [Mitsubishi via Gizmag]

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Average americans weigh 80,5 kg ([]) So if the lift was put in an American building, it would hold only 65 Americans.

To transport the same 400 people in America, you'd need one extra elevator.

Each Japanese would have 0.12 square meter. Each american would have 0.15 square meter.

I feel an infographic coming up.