New Green Lantern movie image could be our first look at the sentient planet, Mogo

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A new piece of Green Lantern merchandise appears to give our first glimpse of Mogo, the largest member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Introduced in a one-off story by Alan Moore in the mid-1980s, Mogo "doesn't socialize." But he does scare the crap out of some guy who lands on the planet looking to confront the local Green Lantern — until he realizes the entire planet is the Green Lantern. It's exciting to think of Mogo getting a cameo in this film — and it's sounding more and more as if tons of minor Corps members will get a brief appearance.

Edited to add: Of course, it could be the Guardians' home planet, Oa. But that looks like a Green Lantern uniform/symbol on the side. Hard to say.


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