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New MacBook 2008 Event Bingo: Play and Win Free Pizza

Illustration for article titled New MacBook 2008 Event Bingo: Play and Win Free Pizza

The new MacBook 2008 line-up. Oh yes. At last, after all this endless waiting, we are just a few hours away from the Apple MacBook 2008 event in which His Steveness will show the new wonderbooks to the world. We have already told you what to expect and showed you how the MacBook Pro looks like, but until tomorrow nobody really knows for sure. That's why we have created this bingo game, so you can play with us as you follow our MacBook 2008 liveblog event and have a chance to win free pizza. You only have to print this and follow the instructions:


• Print out the bingo card.
• Follow our MacBook 2008 liveblog event and take note of the timestamp as the event in the bingo card happens.
• You can shout bingo if you fill out one line or, alternatively, one of the 2 x 2 brick groups.
• When you get a bingo, quickly send us an email including the events and their timestamps to

The first person who sends us a bingo wins the prize, which-in case you are a girl-it will be a dinner for two with me at Good Enough to Eat or-if you are a boy-a dinner for two with Jason at his lair. OK, I just made that up. But you will get our respect and love. Tons of it.


And one free pizza (if there's pizza internet ordering where you are located, that is). Nothing like an edible prize to warm up my heart and my stomach. In fact, we should make this a tradition for each event: The Giz's Liveblog Pizza Bingo. I like how it sounds.

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Evan, How Dare you Sir!

If everybody has the same bingo card, wouldn't everybody win at the same time? :)