New Model Photos Show Off Apple's Awesome Spaceship-Like Campus

Illustration for article titled New Model Photos Show Off Apples Awesome Spaceship-Like Campus

Over at Mercury News, new photos of an actual, physical model of Apple's soon-to-be corporate headquarters make the mothership-like campus seem more real than ever (and just as beautiful).

Up until now, we've only had renderings to go off, and while great, it was hard to get a real sense of what we'd be dealing with underneath all those trippy, glowing halos (i.e. above). The real deal seems like it'll have a black roo instead of the rendered silver, but those beautiful trees and futuristic ridges have, thankfully, remained. Head on over to Mercury News to see the model in all its glory. [Mercury News]

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Mark Carlson

Seriously though... I just want to drive into that parking garage!