New MySpace Is Now Open to the Public

After six months of beta testing, the new MySpace is finally opening its doors to the public: now, anyone who wants an account can trot over to the site and sign up.

Though, uh, you may not want to. Because, in our considered opinion:

New MySpace offers nothing but a brief "Huh, this still exists" moment of perverse gawking. If you want the friend stuff, keep using Facebook. If you want the music stuff, use Spotify or Rdio. It's just not any better than what you already have. Not even close.


Throw into the mix the fact that the launch appears to be timed to coincide with the release of Justin Timberlake's new single Suit & Tie, and we're already feeling nauseous. Still, if you've got the stomach, why not go take a look at what the updated site has to offer. [MySpace via Verge]

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