New NYC Apple Store Unveiled Ahead of Schedule

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We'd heard the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue (a.k.a. Steve Jobs' Glass Cube) was going to have its big unveiling this Friday, as it opened to the public, but lo and behold the wraps came off last night in time for a press tour.

We completely understand how our friends at Gothamist had to hit caps lock to share the following news with everyone, we'dve done it ourselves: "24 HOURS A DAY SEVEN DAYS 365 CONFIRMED! FIRST 24 HOURS GIVING AWAY A MACBOOK ON THE HOUR EVERY HOUR! STARTING AT 6PM OPENING TOMORROW."

All you whiny babies who keep emailing us about linking to your blogspot site begging for gadgets: stop it already because we're not going to post them, so you might as well head on down to the Apple Store tomorrow and cross your fingers.


(Photo by ifoAppleStore)

Hark, The Apple Store Opening Draws Nigh [Gothamist]

Update: Curbed has camphone photos from inside the store. Not that it looks markedly different from the interior of, you know, any other Apple Store, but we do love the idea of a subterreanean bunker for Mac nerds. Oh, and speaking of: Curbed says there are "45 feet of Genius Bar action, and 96 dedicated Geniuses". Does this mean Fifth Avenue has the highest GPF (Genius Per Foot) ratio? We tremble at the thought.