New Panasonic 65" Plasma TV has SD and PCMCIA Slots

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We're still researching the scoop on this thing, but apparently Panasonic has just released a 65 inch HD-ready plasma screen for its Viera lineup that comes with both SD and PCMCIA card slots. The Panasonic TV-65PV500 will supposedly display in both 1080i and 720p formats, plus you could also record MPEG4 video footage from the TV onto the SD card (which you could then pop in your favorite PMP... perhaps a Panasonic D-Snap?). Panasonic has released TVs with SD and PCMCIA slots before, so that's not too new, but we haven't heard about the 65" Viera model until now. Other details still hazy, we'll try to dig some up if we can.

Pana's 65inch plasma with SD recording [TechDigest]


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