New Pilots From Regular Show Writers Are Fantastic

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Cartoon Network pulled a sneaky move by releasing two new pilots from Regular Show staff members without much fanfare, but these require your attention right away.

AJ's Infinite Summer is the story of AJ and his two best friends (who are a couple), goofing off all summer. If it sounds simple, that's because it is. But at the same time, the basic premise allows for total freedom, and the pilot definitely takes proves that. It's a charming take on the endless possibilities of summer vacation — an aged up Phineas and Ferb, if you will. This show was created by Toby Jones, a writer and storyboard artist for The Regular Show.


Then there's Long Live The Royals, the story of a dysfunctional royal family that exists both in the present and the past (or something. They have cell phones and hold tourneys for the honor of eligible women). This one shines because it's characters are immediately memorable — familiar without being redundant. Also there's a dark wizard who talks in a cockney accent and he's great. Sean Szeles, a supervising director/writer/storyboard artist on The Regular Show created it.

Both are amazing, and if they're turned into actual shows, they have at least one guaranteed audience member.