The ES Pipe Waterwheel, designed by Korean innovator Ryan Jongwoo Choi, is a simple plumbing accessory that turns simple workaday activities—running a bath, washing your hands, hosing off the dog—into hydroelectricity generative tasks.


The ES Pipe Waterwheel can be attached to most any standard water piping, simply by screwing it into place between any piping juncture. Once attached, generating energy is as simple as turning on the tap.

As water churns through the ES Pipe's interior waterwheels, hydroelectric energy accumulates and is stored in the removable bulbs that fit into the top of the pipe. When needed, the bulbs can be removed and used for light.

While developing the product, Choi researched certain African countries where access to a running water supply network is disproportionate to electricity. The ES Pipe Waterwheel is one proposed solution for energy saving in countries that need it. It has been named a finalist in the Industrial Designers Society of America's 2012 International Design Excellence Awards and is currently being pitched to product manufacturers for production. [Yanko Design via Inhabitat]

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