New Star Wars Fan Videos: 2 of the Cutest Lightsaber Duels You've Ever Seen!

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We've seen hundreds of lightsaber duels at this point, but two new fan videos are probably among the quirkiest — and cutest — we've ever seen. (No, there aren't any dueling Jedi squirrels here.) First up, there's a lightsaber cello duel/duet that has to be seen to be believed, by The Piano Guys.

And then there's this random video in which two elves — who are apparently waiting to audition to perform for Jabba the Hutt — break out into a lightsaber duel:

What do you think? Is either of these as cute or as iconic as squirrels with lightsabers? [Cellos via Geekologie, thanks to Miguel for the Elves heads up!]