New Thermal Imaging Technologies Allow Soldiers to Have Heat-Sensitive Scopes Mounted to Their Guns

Thermal imaging is far from a new idea, but that doesn't mean it has been forgotten. Thanks to slim sensors, the new lineup of small, mountable thermal imagers from BAE Systems promises to turn solidiers into more efficient marksmen.

The two big products from BAE are the SkeetIR and the StalkIR, a pair of battlefield-ready monoculars. Where as the SkeetIR has a footprint the size of a credit card, the StalkIR has a 640x480 resolution, dual lasers, and a magnetic compass. Both can be clipped onto weapons as scopes, while the SkeetIR can also be clipped to a helmet.


BAE says that they took the input of troops who fought in Afghanistan and incorporated those insights into the design of the imagers. They also released a pair of thermal binoculars, which as all the same features as the StalkIR, but, you know, with an extra eyehole. [BusinessWire via Daily Mail]

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