New UMPC From Korea?

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Mobility Today found a picture from an anonymous Korean tipster that seems to show a corner of a UMPC-like device. Is it an UMPC? Why does the picture say Windows XP? What's the deal with "Pocket PC Vega" too? Weird.

It's going to be running an AMD Geode LX800 and have 256MB of RAM. August 10, the date on the picture, should be when this thing is revealed to the world. And, because it's from a Korean site, it's probably doubtful this thing will make it to the States, even if the possible $700 price tag makes it much more affordable than current UMPCs.

Is this the first UMPC under $700?? [Mobility Today]

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I dont see how this is going to be very groundbreaking. Unknown Korean companies usually put out crap - and they never get released here.

I am suprised, with all the Ipod ripoffs, some Korean or Chinese OEM dosnt rip off the Sidekick design and make a UMPC with a slightly bigger feel.