New York Bus Stops Now Stocked With Lightsabers

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Sadly, I think these lightsabers planted by SpikeTV might not be the real *bzzt* *plop* flesh-disintegrating deal, so even if you did break in case of Sith (or muggers) at best you could just beat them over the head and hope they don't Force choke you and steal your wallet. Since people will swipe just about anything and Star Wars fans are bonkers, they'll probably be jacked long before the Sith show up. [amNY]


Sean Harrington

Actually, the design of this is pretty ingenious, as it doesn't require any special retrofitting of the existing bus marquees...

The designer took into account that there are four flourescent tubes already in these cases for back-lighting of standard bus ads, then he designed the poster to have a clear middle section, and then he had the installers temporarily take out each of the floury tubes and slide the colored sheath over them, probably taping them at the top so that the bottom can still illuminate the text at the bottom of the poster.

Very cool and innovative design, if not necessarily as cool as having "real" sabres inside. Give the designer some props on this...

- Sean