Ok, so maybe there won't be a 7-foot tall robot who takes your keys and parks your ride, but that's not to say New York's first robotic parking garage won't be worth checking out. The garage (which will be located in Chinatown) will be able to squeeze 67 cars into a space that would otherwise fit 24. (Kinda like your studio apartment). You basically just drive your car onto a platform and...

upon stepping off the ramp, your car is lowered into the inner depths of the garage and slid into an empty spot. Everything will be computer-controlled though there will be a parking attendant present to collect your cash ($25/day, $400/month). Best of all, when your car is retrieved, it'll always come out facing the driveway, so you never have to inch your way out of the garage by driving in reverse. It all sounds fun and great until the machine brings you the wrong car or even worst, holds your car hostage for 26 hours (as these machines have done in the past in NJ).


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