Newgen C800: Yet Another Powder Puff Phone

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You'd think that after the relative failure of Siemens' Xelibri phones and the lackluster response to the Samsung Serene, phone manufacturers will give up trying to make a phone look like a powder box in a lame attempt to attract the ladies. But I guess not, because here's the Newgen C800, a UK debut that's taking full advantage of the powder puff pack form factor. It has a camera, speakers, and a horrific-looking doubled-up keypad, which might end up in way too many "wrong number" phonecalls. More for your fashionista adolescent than anything else, it's selling for 79.99 (pre-pay, special offer) via UK's Tesco Mobile, and probably won't be making its way stateside.


Tesco's Pink Compact Mobile [ShinyShiny]

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