Is Just a Merry-Go-Round of Anti-Gingrich Sites

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What happens when you, prominent presidential candidate, neglect to purchase the domain name of your own name? Apparently someone else does it for you, and turns it into a veritable chatroulette of negative articles, videos, and sites. Meet It's spectacular.

It's not clear who had the foresight to lock in what by all rights should be Newt's home page. But whoever it was did it right. What awaits you at A quick round of clicking shows redirects to the following:

• The homepage of FreddieMac, with whom Newt had some questionable financial dealings.

• A video of Newt getting cozy with GOP-reviled Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

• An recent Atlantic article that insinuates that Newt's campaign is just a thinly veiled book tour.

• A Washington Post article about Newt's campaign implosion this summer.

• A Greek tourism site, a reference to the controversial luxury cruise Newt took through the Mediterrean, during which his entire senior campaign staff resigned.


That seems to be it for now, although let's all keep checking to see if the merry pranksters behind the redirects reload. There's certainly plenty of ammo to go around.

Oh, and if you think this is bad? I'd hate to imagine what's going on over at [NewtGingrich via Twitter]