Nex-Sys Corner V1 Desk is Comfy, Costly

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When you spend more time at your computer than Big Bird spends in Sesame Street, you're going to need to be comfortable. The Nex-Sys Corner V1 Desk tries to address the issue. You may mistake the luxury sit-up for another rock band peripheral kit, but don't be fooled. The Corner V1 has support for 2.1 speakers, height adjustable flat screen monitor and comes with a custom car seat to suit your disposition on the day you spend 1700-freaking-dollars on a desk and chair.


Sure, it is available in a range of colors, is completely hand-crafted and offers levels of comfort you last experienced in your mother's womb, but $1700? It seems a little steep for a desk and chair set only the 40-year old virgin would ever own. Mind you, as our lives are going that way anyhow, we might as well be cozy getting there. [Product Page via Mobilewhack]

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I'm sorry but I don't need drums on my desk.