Nick App: Binge on Spongebob For All Eternity

Slime on your TV, slime on your tablet. Nickelodeon just launched a fun new iPad app.

What does it do?

It's essentially a second screen experience. You can watch full episodes of your favorite Nick shows (if you're a cable subscriber), see exclusive videos, play games, and more.


Why do we like it?

We might be adults but we still love some Spongebob. This is basically what you want from a supplementary app—tons of extra content, like weekly Spongebob remixes from mashup master, Pogo. It also has games, animated shorts, comedy videos, behind the scenes looks at Nick stars, and other things you'll only see on the app. It's kid-friendly (mostly intended for kids younger than 13), but it has plenty to keep your hyperactive tween occupied. And you might find some things you like, too.



Download this app for:

The Best:

Full episodes

The Worst:

No iPhone version yet


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