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Nike Fridge Magnets Let You Design the Perfect Sneaker

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nike doesn't realize it yet, but it could single-handedly make your fridge the most entertaining spot in your home—at least if you're a sneaker freak. Because instead of poetry or Scrabble, the shoe maker has created a wonderful set of magnets that lets anyone be a sneaker designer, as long as you're ok with never being able to wear your creation.


Sadly, there's no indication that Nike has any plans to put these magnets into production. They were created in collaboration with designer Anthony Hart as a one-off art installation at the Familia Skateshop in Minneapolis. So unless you live in the midwest and are fairly confident about your shoplifting skills, these will perpetually remain an unattainable item of desire. [Yanko Design via Taxi]