Nike+iPod - iPod = Speed+

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Get it? Nike is releasing a watch that will communicate with the Nike+ sensor and no longer need the assistance of an iPod. The Speed+ watch communicates wirelessly with the Nike+ sensor in your shoes and will display distance, pace, time and calories burned on the LCD display. It also includes a USB connection to download the data onto a computer. Apparently the product details were accidentally posted on the European Nike website and quickly removed. No word on pricing or availability. Thanks, DZ


Nike+ Without The iPod? New Product Info Leaked [Podophile]

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Neat, good to see Nike doing that. The Nike+iPod thing is neat, but limiting if you do races since many of them have signup forms where you agree not to use headphones during the race. Whatever your opinion may be on this, it's still kind of dishonest to sign a form saying you agree not to use headphones when you're in fact lying about it.

jcc123: I know it's an amazing concept, but some runners train WITHOUT music! It takes lots of training, but it actually possible to burn up the miles without having the latest dance jam mix blasting into your ears.

gunnk: You don't have to calibrate accelerometer based units like Nike+ or Polar by stride length either. If you need pinpoint accuracy, you can calibrate at a track, but for general day-to-day accuracy just strap 'em on and go. No waiting for satellites either.