Nike+iPod Patent Shows Heart Rate, Temperature and Hydration Monitors

The main complaints about the current Nike+ Gear aren't that it doesn't do a good job keeping track of how far you run, it's that it doesn't measure stuff like heart rate, body temperature and other factors runners care about. Nike hears you. Their latest patent for upcoming Nike+ gear expands on the current concept and features all kinds of sensors over a person's body, even possibly adding a GPS receiver so you can automatically map out the path you took on your run.

What's even better for people who live in cold places or don't like to run outside (me) is that there are sensors for talking to exercise machines to fetch data. The only downside? Nike's slow-ass development cycle means you're not going to see this for another year or two. Seriously. Some of these leaked Nike products back from January 2007 still haven't been released. [iPodNN]


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