Nikon Patent Puts a Projector In a DSLR... Dangerously

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Nikon's already stuck a projector into a point-and-shoot. We loved it! So it's only natural that Nikon would want to bring that technology to the DSLR. Except this time, the solution seems a bit less practical. And more blinding.


You can mount a projector to the front of the DSLR, as Nikon's S1000pj point-and-shoot does. That big ol' lens gets in the way of everything. So instead, Nikon appears to be flipping the pico around to the best piece of open real estate available on the camera's backside: the viewfinder. You know, where you put your eye. To see things. From the Japan Patent Office:

When the photographing instrument is set as projector mode, the light which supported reproduced image information is projected on the screen of the photographing instrument exterior via the eyepiece of an electronic view finder, and two or more persons can see the reproduced image simultaneously projected on a screen.


On the screen or, if you're a tiny bit forgetful or have vengeful prank-playing friends, directly into your retina.

Right now it's just a patent, not a product, so Nikon could just be exploring a range of options. Or it's a defensive move to ensure that when the most evil camera in history eventually does come to market, they get a slice of the action. Either way, this seems like a object lesson in "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." [Japan Patent Office via Nikon Rumors via CrunchGear]