Nintendo DSi Uses Camera Face Tracking to Create 3D Mirages

Three-dee displays make me dizzy. I want to see real 3D without eyeglasses, which is exactly what this new Nintendo DSi game does. It opens a world to a new dimension by tracking your face with the DSi camera.


Its name is Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda, and the mechanics are quite simple: You move your face or tilt your Nintendo DSi to find hidden shapes inside a 3D scene taking over the two screens, a fantastic Through-the-Looking-Glassish doll house that seems completely real. It feels as if the DSi is a window to an alternative world.

What's the magic trick? It uses the front camera of the DSi to track your eyes' position in relation to the angle of the DSi screens, the same principle as Johnny Chung Lee's Wii hack. Since the game knows from where you are looking, it changes the perspective of the 3D camera in sync with your eyes, giving you the perfect illusion that you are looking into a world inside your handheld. [Nintendo Japan via Boing Boing]



I think people are confusing what this does with other 3D technologies, they really do completely different things. What this does is track your vision and render the scene from a different camera angle, allowing you to peer around foreground objects. This does not add any depth to the screen, nor is it possible to use with movies or any other pre-recorded media.

What I'd like to see is this technology combined with 3D glasses technology, so you can have the best of both worlds.