With the success of the Wii being primarily due to its motion sensing controls, it would seem pretty logical for Nintendo to try it out on their portable line up as well. And it looks like they might do just that with the discovery of an updated patent filing by the big N themselves that states


"A game system includes a housing to be held by a player. The housing incorporates an XY-axis acceleration sensor to detect an acceleration in an X-axis and Y-axis direction and a Z-axis contact switch to detect an acceleration in a Z-axis direction. These sensor and switch detect at least one of an amount (e.g. tilt amount, movement amount, impact amount or the like) and a direction (e.g. tilt direction, movement direction, impact direction or the like) of a change applied to the housing. A simulation program provides simulation such that a state of a game space is changed related to at least one of the amount and direction of the change applied to the housing."


Well if this is the next version of the DS I've got one big question. How on earth are you supposed to see the screen if you're going to be flaring all around? Riddle me that Nintendo.